14 Jun 2013

WHAT TO WEAR: Outfit Inspiration

Hey guys,
Just posting a selection of outfits hoping to inspire your personal taste and begin making the most of your wardrobe!


What's your flavaa' tell me what's your flavaa'

I love vibrant colours, neon colours are always in fashion; instead of wearing all black go out and find something bright (top, skirt, jumper, pants or shorts). A pop of colour really does *make* an outfit. Adding colour to your wardrobe will surely boost your confidence which will make a statement that you are bold, bubbly and absolutely stunning! 

Keeping it safe

If colour is not your forte then surely everyone will have a monochrome outfit, hiding in their wardrobes. Black and white is a safe choice for wearing 24/7. Job interviews, to clubs, to dinner or just to kick back with your girlfriends on a casual Sunday. To style a sophisticated outfit just add some jewellery and your good to go!

No need to be so uptight 

  These outfits are perfect for a casual day in summer autumn spring and even winter, (where I live winter doesn't get so cold like Europe) just have a jumper ready. 

 Make an escape

 These next few outfits are lovely to take when travelling to your favourite holiday destination, or just a very chilled catchup with the boyfriend or girlfriends. (Mmm I could go for a chai latte right about now!)

 Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos! Just being an inspriation to all.

Love Kathy


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