18 Feb 2013

Not all those who wander, are lost

Lately I've found myself thinking about traveling a lot, traveling to Europe mostly!! Europe excites me, all the wonderful buildings, meeting new people, experiencing what it's like to be a local, to try new food, their accents, having to dress a certain way because of their weather....

So all you lucky people who get to travel the world, mostly Europe I envy you so so much right now! If only I had a job, where I could travel to most of Europe, (particularly, England, France or Italy) I'd die of happiness!

 Don't get me started on 


This place, looks divine, just for a simply holiday, it'd look magnificent, the clear blue sea surrounding the villages, the beautiful trees and flowers, just from photographs I've seen, it makes Greece look so vibrant. To live there must be so special to be surrounded by it's beauty!


(photos are not my own)

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