18 Feb 2013

The day when cupid strikes again...

Okay, so all you single women out there, do not fret, put on something stunning and work it!
But all you lovey-dovey couples, have a great time! Enjoy it, Celebrate the love and just cherish every moment...

 I Love You

A touch of red can do no wrong, especially this cute peplum top from Bardot, matched with a high petite skirt with a over throw coat for the evening time. This outfit is simple yet stunning pair it with red heels, red lipstick and you're ready to go... Oh and don't forget some little sparkle here and there, maybe a not-too-flashy bangle and diamond studs.

A Little Miranda

Now this stunning long dress, is perfect for a Valentines date...

No words, just throw this baby on, and you'd feel like a princess going to a ball with you prince charming.


A touch of pink never hurt anyone

This is elegant girlie outfit can be worn day or night. You'd feel more feminine, with the touch of either white, gold or baby pink accessories; it would compliment the outfit just right.

Surely you'd have people turning heads. 

Nothing too drastic

A cute and simple outfit for the day time, if you don't want to get too dressed up, this is just the outfit for you and your 'casual' date.
With the right shoes, make up and accessories it's sure to make you look amazing!
  Well I hope your Valentines Day was a blast, whether your single or in love! :)

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