1 Jan 2017

Setting Goals for 2017..


Wait hold up, where did that last month go?! All I know since yesterday everything has changed (let me know in the comments if you picked up on those lyrics) But seriously it's 2017, A New Year, A fresh chance to create bigger better goals for the year ahead. LET'S DO THIS!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years filled with lots of food, family, friends, laughter and more food!!

I'd love to know if you have decided to make some goals for this year? If so what are they? Instead of calling them resolutions I'd prefer to call mine New Year Goals.. Last year I don't think I made any big goals for 2016 besides wanting to adventure more, not really having a specific 'plan' into how I'd achieve these come the end of the year.

So this year I thought to write them down on my blog so I can keep a track on here and on the notes in my phone so I feel like I have some accountability to them and if I don't achieve many I won't feel upset by it, at least I know anything is possible!

1. Travel to new places - around Australia (living in such a wonderful place where the beaches and nature are so close why wouldn't I take the opportunity to explore) Definitely internationally (New York was the best, I still catch myself wondering how on earth did we actually travel there - Thank you God!)

2. Find my purpose - all in God's timing (would love to have my own online clothing line - this is a lengthy one which I know will take patience and persistence)

3. Attend Colour Conference 2017!!

4. See Little Mix in concert!!

5. Keep healthy mentally and physically - your body can do so much more than what you think! Go outside your comfort zone (meet someone new, try different food, have an adventure by yourself)

6. Maybe along the way God could have a special guy come my way...


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