14 Jan 2013

Body Image

Hello to all you beautiful people out there!

So today I was at the beach, (whenever I hear the word beach, I always sing Starships) and as my friends got ready to get in, I stood there awkwardly, then I looked around and felt conscious of the way I looked, and that impacted, the way I felt, that time spent contemplating if I would or would not get in the water and have fun.

Personally I love who I am. I know I am not perfect, actually so far from it. But I am learning that I can accomplish anything. I am learning that I need to make mistakes, stuff up and be weird, as Marilyn Monroe once said: "It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring". If I have a problem or am feeling unhappy I look at why, and choose to change it. As for insecurities I have billions. But if they are appearance wise, I see if I can help it, but if it’s out of my control like height and nose, I have to accept them...

Basically what I'm trying to get at is, no matter who you are; celebrity or not, what your race is, what size your dress size is, it doesn't matter... It shouldn't matter, but today in society unfortunately it does matter... But it shouldn't.

(Picture, taken from lorna jane's inspirational blog, move nourish believe)

Instead of looking in the mirror and thinking “I wish I was thinner”, “I wish I had nice teeth” and all that other negative thoughts, you should pick out the things you do like. Like hey, maybe you have really cool hair that does a weird flick on one side, or maybe you have a birthmark in a really odd place that gives you character, maybe you have a really nice smile that makes your whole face light up, maybe you have an awesome ass that even you wouldn’t mind tapping, perfect eyes, or even great skintone.

Look for the positive and you will always love yourself.
If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

Be confident, be healthy, be you

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