25 Feb 2014


Hi everyone!

I have not left my blog fyi. I have simply had more me-time (well that and not really knowing what to post about - hopefully some of you bloggers out there can relate - hola!) Okay, so this will be a short and sweet post, about JUST. I don't know about you but the word JUST, well that doesn't sit right to me... Example: "Oh what do you do?" .."I just work at ______ or I just did this/that".

For some reason, that word feels like there is no passion for what you do or what you just did. It might sound silly to some of you reading this, but hey, how about we all try and not use the word just before what we do or what we just did... It might give a slight appreciation to the things we do in our day-to-day life...

I told you this would be short. Not to worry I will have more blog posts coming up shortly :) 

Love Kathy 



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