31 Jan 2014


Stress can creep up on anyone and it doesn't just pick on adults. From time to time I stress about little things, that I shouldn't have to worry about. So recently I've tried to let go of things I can't change and just enjoy what life has to offer. Take a deep breathe and let it ALL go.

The key things that help me de-stress are those that keep myself occupied are; - my family and friends. they make me laugh, they're willing to have adventures and they are able to take my mind off things vice versa and I am truly grateful. They will always be there for you when times get tough and surely they would've been in the same boat as you once in a while so it's always to have people there to catch you.

The second thing for maintaining my stress is/was organizing... From time to time, organization gets thrown out the window, but it definitely helps when there is a big assignment coming, or a special event... Just having time to organize when you're going to do this and that really helps, it takes the pressure off in the future. I know I am guilty of leaving things to the last minute in high school, as I had the mentality of "this won't take that long, I can do it a few days before or the night before..." Boy did I learn from those mistakes haha!

Anyways, taking your mind off the whole situation can be tricky, but if you put on your gym gear, running shoes and play some funky tunes; I am sure you'll be working up a sweat to even remember what was bugging you that morning! But again it all comes down to organization, plan a time of your day or say 3-4 times a week to fit a workout session in; you'll be staying fit, you'll appreciate it in the future and it'll keep you happy afterwards.

If those tips didn't help, try these - 

1. Drink tea and read a book
2. Take a nap
3. Go for a bike ride with a friend
4.  Have "me time" - book yourself a spa treatment, you'll be feeling relaxed and refreshed in no time.
5.  Accept you can't change things and be grateful
6. Go to bed earlier, don't stay up worrying about it won't change it or make it go away.
7.  Put some groovy tunes on and DANCE!
8. Put on your running shoes, Climb a mountain (embrace nature)
9. Go on a lunch date with the girls
10. Go to the cinema's and watch a movie.

Anyways, I wanted to keep this post quick and short, so you lovely people can go enjoy life!!

"Your mind is a garden,
Your thoughts are the seeds;
You can grow flowers,
Or you can grow weeds."

Love Kathy xxx

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