14 Jan 2014

Bare Necessities

Before Summer ends, I want to show you lovelies what are my 5 must have "beauty-wise", this season.

When it comes to Summer, my hair tends to have its mind of it's own. I recently finished my first bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo, in the scent blush. I loved it so much that I bought a 2nd bottle as I couldn't go a few days without it. When Dry Shampoo was the "must have" item, I was um-ing and ar-ing about whether it'd be worth it (choosing between brands can be difficult). But luckily Batiste have a couple of other scents, if you're not in a type of girl who likes sweet-floral scents.

 This is a definite no brainer, sunscreen is a MUST have for me, especially when the Sun likes to play tricks on you and you live in the Sunny state. Although I don't peel, I tan quiet quickly, so this sunscreen by Nivea saves my skin from harm (but don't forget to wear t-shirts, a hat and drink lots of water)

I love that I've found the Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation that protects my skin, makes my skin glow and has good coverage. You definitely don't need to put too much on as a little goes a long way, (who wants to melt when in the sun) haha

Never fear water proof mascara is near! Okay so that was a little lame, but who doesn't need water-proof mascara whilst dipping into the pool or going to the beach? Rimmel London Scandaleyes is the perfect thing to have when on the go and not have to worry "is my mascara running?".  But if you want to take the risk, why not try Maybelline the Falsies, as the name suggests it definitely gives you volume and length. These two are my go-to's!

If you want to take time out to just sit back and relax, why not pick up Lorna Jane's MORE book and just read in awe and wonder at how much information you gain, to live a healthy lifestyle. While you're at it, take down some notes whilst you're on the go with a journal. Mine is from Kooroong (I have different journals for different things).

Let me know in the comments below, what are you must have items for the summer? Try and be out-there with your answers, I'd love to read them! Talk to you very soon.

Love Kathy


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