2 Jan 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Show '12

Approximately 1 and 4 months ago, my sisters flatmate and I went to our very first, but not the last, fashion show! Wooo! We were so ecstatic, I flicked through my albums and to my surprise, I still have a few photos of the night and some shocking videoing, but to save you all the headache I'll just show you the pictures. :)

My favourite wedding gown out of the selection.  It's simply divine!

There was a short break inbetween, so we decided a photo was needed!
As if you wouldn't take a photo on the photo booth provided :)

(credit: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane FB page)

What I Wore:
Dress from Lulu's (a boutique in the Queen St Mall)
Jacket borrowed from my sister
Shoes, you can't see in that photo but I wore green wedges from Payless Shoes
Clutch, was bought from a thrift store.

If anyone would like details to what Ilene is wearing, be sure to leave a commment below and I'll find that out for you.

On that note, arrivederci!
I'd love to know if you have ever been to a fashion show - whether it be in Paris, New York or even in Sydney. Do let me know in the comments below! I hope everyone had has an amazing start to 2014 and I'll check back with you all next time.

Love Kathy

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