28 Jan 2014

Self Confidence

You’re an individual and you’re created wonderfully and beautifully unique!

First of all, I want to touch base on self confidence. Who determines what is 'beautiful' or 'ugly'. No one. Yet growing up in this society and being patronized by the media doesn't help girls, teenagers and even adults with being confident in the own skin. 

Now-a-days technology doesn't help much in the department of giving women the power of feeling 'beautiful' or 'comfortable' in their appearance. Don't get me wrong I am thankful to have technology, but with the use of Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or magazines, we are bombarded with images (being stereotypical here) to be 'skinny and thin'. Don't get me wrong I used to and still am on occasions have low self-esteem issues that like to creep up on me and play tricks with my mind. But I'll let you in on a few tips on how I deal with them and hopefully they'll help you too, but don't take this as I'm pushing it onto you. Just happy to help. Also if there are any guys out there reading this, you are handsome too.  

Becoming aware of how you feel about yourself, is key. It was a bit hard for myself when it comes to comparing myself to others, from time to time I find that I compare myself to others and that's when it becomes emotionally draining. Especially when it comes to shopping. Shopping can be tough on anyone, but if you're out looking for clothes etc and constantly comparing yourself to others, you wouldn't feel confident to even try on the clothes or step near the fitting rooms, I know this happens to me.   When I go shopping, in particular looking for outfits I have a few tips that help me out so I don't fall into the trap of feeling uneasy. 

1. keep in mind that most shops are different when it comes to sizing for example; Melrose clothing are a small fit for me personally, where as Dissh I can relay on my size to stay the same.

2. Take two sizes in the fitting room, this is great so you don't feel upset that you didn't fit into that particular size - as long as you feel comfortable & it fits you.

3. Sizing is just a number. It doesn't define what type of person you are! :) 

4. Lighting and mirrors can play tricks on how you will look in the outfits, which leads to my next point...

5. Take a person who you know will encourage you and boost your CONFIDENCE!

I hope you're all still with me, you are? Okay good.
The next tip I'd like to point out is to list at least 5 things you love about yourself: This doesn't mean looks. It can be anything, what you're good at, what you like about yourself physically/mentally. This is a really good one, as you have no negative thoughts (try and do this when you don't feel 'yourself').

Play some music, upbeat ones that will get you up and moving, my recent favourite is Move by Little Mix, it definitely boosts my mood 100%.
You’re insecure, don’t know what for
You’re turning heads when you walk
                          through the door
Don’t need makeup to cover up
Being the way that you are is enough

                    - One Direction,
                       You Don't Know You're Beautiful

Go outside. Take a walk, breathe in some fresh air (I particularly love going to the beach/park with my dog or even climb a mountain, just relax and focus on loving life/nature)
These are all basic steps on how I boost my confidence and self esteem and I hope that you know you are beautiful! Be kind to yourself, don't pick on the negatives, embrace who you are! It will take baby steps but I know you will get there. 

Love Kathy


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